idxSoft distributes high-quality, safe Windows software written by Jimmy Olsen, as well as website development services.


DocuGrab searches through 1000's of PDF's, Text and Word Docs in one second or less.

PicBlitz is the fastest image/photo viewer available. Try it for yourself.

Super-fast Windows Software: PicBlitz, DocuGrab, ListTheLinks, ClipToCMS.

Safe, secure software written by Jimmy Olsen.

Website design, development using Drupal and .Net platforms.

DocuGrab Word and PDF Search

Search 1000's of Word, PDF and text documents; results returned instantly. Native support for MS Word, PDF, WordPerfect and Text files. Free full-function 30 day trial. For Windows.


PicBlitz Image Viewer

Displays images as fast as a video, so you'll quickly find them no matter how buried they are. Free, full-function 30 day trial. For Windows.